July 11, 2019

Out now: Actors of Urban Change Magazine Nature, community, spaces: The future of European cities

The future of cities across Europe looks very bright! That’s the most important thing we’ve learned from the energizing experience of the past 18 months. We had the pleasure of working with 30 amazingly engaged changemakers from municipalities, citizen-driven movements and local businesses who are all enthusiastic about one question: how can we make our cities better places for people to live in?

This magazine serves two purposes: it documents the work that has been done in the past 18 months in the Actors of Urban Change program. It sheds a light on how engaged people from Chisinau, Hamburg, Kherson, Lecce, London, Oslo, Rijeka, Timisoara, Valencia and Vilnius are shaping the future of local neighborhoods–thinking across institutional as well as national boundaries to advocate for long-lasting social change in cities. In addition, this magazine also gives you a deeper insight into the urban topics these projects are working on–and can hopefully serve as a source of inspiring examples to adapt and to learn from.

The three sections of this issue represent the topics that the projects we supported are working on: How can communities be activated to co-shape their urban environments? How can nature be an inspiration and solution for the future of our cities? How can abandoned spaces be re-imagined as vital and conscious hubs for cities under pressure?

We believe ends are also great beginnings. As this round of our program Actors of Urban Change comes to a close, we are happy to look forward to the future of our network, to the topics that may arise, the collaborations that may grow, and the fun and excitement we will share to work together for a better future of our cities.

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