cover design: Joana Sobral / Any Studio


December 14, 2021

Book Launch: Past, Present, Futures of Urban Change

The global COVID-19 pandemic forced all of us to reevaluate what matters most. There is no going back to business as usual. It’s time for bold imagination and collective sensemaking: how do we create a new normal, one that is more sustainable, inclusive, and just? How might we work together to build places and communities that support a just transition to a more regenerative culture, both locally and globally?

This publication is our invitation to you to engage with these questions and discover your own answers. These pages represent eight years of learning from more than 120 engaged people and urban practitioners who have been working in 36 cities spread across 28 countries in Europe and its neighboring regions. Herein you will find their stories, experiences, impacts, and visions for the future.

The magazine is divided into three sections: The Past, The Present, and The Future of urban change. The Past focuses on insights drawn from running our translocal, cross-sectoral collaboration program for nearly a decade, including stories from our network about the long-term impacts of participant projects, from both personal and collective perspectives. The Present focuses on the fourth and final round of the program that spanned 2019 to 2021. The ten participating teams (and their projects) represented an especially unique round for Actors of Urban Change and taught us a great deal about facing global crisis and uncertainty. Last but not least, The Future is dedicated to the collective imagination of possible futures, capturing visions from our network on how we might live, work, and collaborate in our future cities.

Read and Download the PDF here.