Last week, audiovisual artists Francesco Giannico and Claudia Mollese mapped and recorded the sounds and images of the Salento Botanical Garden. Tomorrow, we will be treated to a live Botanic Symphony to celebrate and support the project of #TeamLecce, who are hosting our Academy Meeting for the next four days. The event is free and open to the public, so if you happen to be in Southern Italy – join us!⠀

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Do you know Gamicipation? ⚽️🎯🎲 It’s an approach for playful urban participation and meaningful civic participation. #TeamChisinau and Centrul de Urbanism invited gamification expert Karsten Michael Drohsel for a workshop on the topic and to play the Cosmic Urban Game that the team invented for their pedestrian street project. Around 50 people joined and were able to reimagine the future of the street.🏡🚀 #urbanchange #publicspaces #placemaking