Illustration: Kati Szilágyi

We’re delighted that #TeamTimisoara’s Healing Grid project won the BETA 2018 prize in the Initiatives, Experiments and Vision section! 👏 🙌 💪 The team enrolled in the regional Architecture Biennale competition in order to promote Timisoara’s opportunity to turn the drainage channels into ecological corridors that bring nature to the city. The members of the international Jury have praised the concept for its simplicity and potential of impact on multiple aspects: from increased resilience to flooding risks and improving urban life quality to providing a nature-based solution for linking the city with its peripheries and the larger region.⠀
Congrats to our Actors and their local team on the well-deserved win!⠀

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#TeamValencia recently cooked with Aissa, Fatu, and a group of around 15 women from the Association of African Women of Paterna and the Valencian Community. As they cooked, they interviewed the women about the ingredients, preparation methods, and the meaning behind the dishes. Aissa fascinated the team with her story about how she has managed to organize this group of Muslim women around gardening and cooking. They then shared the meal in a celebration with music and many children. The story and the group of women will be protagonists in Team Valencia’s Gastronomic Guide to the Migrant Valencia, which they hope will highlight the food culture of the city’s immigrants and support their local businesses. Photos by Maria Sainz Arandia⠀
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“Speisekino” had its premiere at the Kypseli market in Athens last night! It was a beautiful evening, lots of people came around to eat a lovely meal by @madamegingercom watch two movies about urban markets and the challenges they face today, socialize and shop at the shops of the newly inaugurated market. Now, @citytoolbox and @impacthubathens will continue developing this format as well as the Gütermarkt format so that it fits the local context and the community’s specific needs. ⠀
photos by @panosgeorgiou #urbanchange #citytoolbox #changeityourself #ctblab_athens #ctb_lab

Oh what a day! On the first day of the #Lecce Academy Meeting, we explored the countryside around the city, turning an organic farm into our outdoor classroom, experiencing first-hand the benefits of access to rural areas to our urban lives. We saw and learned about Team Lecce’s project in the botanical garden, made lamps out of the reeds that grow there, and saw the place come alive in the evening with a beautiful performance and a fantastic community of supporters and volunteers.
Thank you again to all at @ortijanub for making the magic happen!
Photos by @panosgeorgiou
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Last week, audiovisual artists Francesco Giannico and Claudia Mollese mapped and recorded the sounds and images of the Salento Botanical Garden. Tomorrow, we will be treated to a live Botanic Symphony to celebrate and support the project of #TeamLecce, who are hosting our Academy Meeting for the next four days. The event is free and open to the public, so if you happen to be in Southern Italy – join us!⠀

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It’s been a busy, productive summer for #TeamLondon! 👨‍🔧👩‍🏭💪 They’ve been building their anaerobic digester at @rurban_poplar_london together with volunteers and participants of @publicworks_uk School for Civic Action. There was lots to do: installing solar panels, assembling a solar water heater, building a gasometer, and even creating a moss wall prototype! Well done!⠀ #urbanchange #circulareconomy #civicaction #prototypesforaction #poplar #greenbuilding

Do you know Gamicipation? ⚽️🎯🎲 It’s an approach for playful urban participation and meaningful civic participation. #TeamChisinau and Centrul de Urbanism invited gamification expert Karsten Michael Drohsel for a workshop on the topic and to play the Cosmic Urban Game that the team invented for their pedestrian street project. Around 50 people joined and were able to reimagine the future of the street.🏡🚀 #urbanchange #publicspaces #placemaking

Looking good, #TeamLecce! Afro Carpentieri, Marco Carlino, Francesca Guarascio and Giulia Toscani from @ortijanub are our hosts for the next #ActorsAcademy, which starts in a little over a month in southern Italy. We’re really excited and can’t wait to share all the details of the program, which will explore the urban-rural link through the lens of their project – turning the local botanical garden into a hub for food growing, learning, community building and planning of urban green areas. Stay tuned!
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#teamhamburg & @halllohalllohalllo are getting ready for their festival, Hallo: Festspiele in two weeks! They are building a pontoon made from containers on the waterfront of the Bille power plant @kraftwerk_bille – this year‘s edition of the festival deals with the water as a space of opportunity, and seeks to transform it from a social void into a public space. Go check them out! 💦🚤 #urbanism #urbanintervention #publicspace #hamburg #hallofestspiele #urbanchange

What does an urban healing grid look like? #TeamTimisoara is exploring the concept in the The Healing Grid Workshops, a pilot project of their newly created Resilience Lab Timisoara. For two weeks, urban planners, IT specialists, landscape designers, engineers, geographers, academics and citizens are working on solutions for expanding the green infrastructure of the city. With workshops on spatial analysis, 3D mapping, a landscape study and a tactical intervention, they want to transform Timisoara’s grid of drainage channels into a blue-green network with landscaping, ecological, recreational and health promoting values. ⠀

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